What is mental illness?

mental illness
What is mental illness?

–    ‘Mental illness’ is a general term that refers to a group of illnesses affecting the mind, in the same way that physical illness refers to illnesses which affect the body.
–    They are associated with distress or impaired functioning.
–    The term mental health problem refers to signs and symptoms of mental illnesses that do not fit criteria for a specific disorder

Mental health professionals

–    Psychiatrists
–    Psychologists
–    Psychotherapists
–    Psychiatric nurses
–    Clinical social workers
–    Occupational therapists

Psychiatric subspecialties

–    Emergency psychiatry
–    Addiction psychiatry
–    Forensic psychiatry: forensic psychiatrists
–    Military psychiatry
–    Industrial psychiatry:psychiatrists in the US (occupational psychology is the name used for the most similar discipline in the UK
Other subspecialties

–    Psychopharmacology
–    Neuropsychiatry
–    Psychoneuroendocrinology
–    psychoneuroimmunology
–    Cross cultural psychiatry
–    Community psychiatry
–    Social psychiatry

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