Vomiting and Nursing Assessment

Vomiting Definition
Is forceful ejection of gastric content often preceded by nausea and usually occurs when violent descend of diaphragm with constriction of abdominal muscle.
or it is a loss of Hcl or stomach content, leading to alkalosis. When becomes frequentit needs medical attention.
Regurgitation:-usually occurs in infant under 3 months. It is not forceful and occurs due to reflux.
Causes of vomiting:
A) Infant:
1- Gastroenteritis.
2- Food allergy.
3- Associated infection.
4- Over feeding.
5- Reflux.
6- Increase intracrainial pressure.
7- Inborn error of metabolism.
B) Children:
1- Gastroenteritis.
2- Toxin.
3- Appendicitis.
4- Systemic infection.
Assessment of patient with vomiting
1- History.
2- Physical examination(assess for dehydration).
3-Check vital signs.
4- Check vomiting(amount,time,frequency,colour,blood and bile).
5- Don’t use antiemetics because of it’s side effect(occulogyric crises).

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