Urinary Tract Infection UTI Nursing Intervention and Care Plan

Urinary Tract Infection
Pyuria : finding of ≥ 5pus cells/high power field of centrifuged urine.
– Clinical Manifestation:
1- Neonate
– poor sucking
– fever
– jaundice
– diarrhea or vomiting
– failure to thrive
2- One month-2years of age
– failure to thrive
– diarrhea or vomiting
– unexplained fever
– poor appetite
– irritability and screaming attacks
– urgency, frequency
– dysuria
– abdominal pain
– unexplained fever
– U.T.I is common in children, female more than male except in neonate when
male more than female.
Predisposing factor for U.T.I is congenital malformation of genitourinary system.
*Diagnosis of UTI :
-1) General urine examination (G.U.E) :-finding of ≥ 5 pus cell ∕ high power field is

– How you collect the specimen :
a- explain the procedure to the patient.
B- use a clean container.
c- label all specimen clearly.
d- record in nursing notes.
Clean catch specimen
– special sterile container are available for clean catch specimen.
– cleaning the perineum, rinsing anus ,drying the perineum is important to prevent
contamination .
– after the urine stream has started the mid stream specimen should be caught in
sterile container.
– if urine is not tested immediately ,the specimen should be refrigerated because
bacteria accumulate at room temperature.
– for a young child or infant use urine collecting bag after cleansing and drying the
– catheterization is seldom indicated in pediatric patient.
2) Urine culture: should be collected correctly by suprapubic puncture.
3) Renal function test
a- blood urea.
b- serum creatinine.
4) Ultrasound of renal system: to exclude any congenital anomaly of
genitourinary system or any renal stone.
5) Intravenous urography(I.V.U) : is indicated in recurrent U.T.I or if ultrasound
show any abnormality.
Treatment of U.T.I :
Antibiotic for 10 days according to result of urine culture and sensitivity.

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