TONSILLITIS And Nursing Role



Clinical manifestations:

Sore throat, obstruction to swallowing and breathing with offensive breath .

Indications for tonsillectomy:

1- Malignancy.

2- Peritonsillar abscess.

3- Recurrent or persistent sore throat or otitis media.

Age for operation:

are seldom necessary in infancy or the toddler period but may be necessary during the preschool period.

Nursing Role(preoperative)

1) The nurse may help the mother to prepare the child for operation .

2) The nurse must explain to the child what will be done in the theater.

3) The nurse look for loose teeth to be removed before anesthesia.

4) Bleeding and clotting time are obtained preoperatively.

5) Preoperative sedation as barbiturate with atropine.

6) Food and fluid are withheld for several hours before operation.

Postoperative Care:

1- The child is placed in apron position with pillow under his abdomen and chest to facilitate postural drainage of secretion.

2- Bed rest for the remainder of the day.

3- Chipped ice is given then juice then soft food.

4- Avoid contact with infection.

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