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Analgesic narcotics

Article Objectives Outline the gate theory of pain and explain therapeutic ways to block pain using the gate theory. Describe the therapeutic actions, indications, pharmacokinetics, contraindications, most common adverse reactions, and important drug–drug interactions associated with narcotics . Discuss the

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Management of the External Ventricular Drain Protocol

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Nursing Priorities of trauma management

Definition of Emergency Medicine Emergency Medicine is a medical specialty which: • Evaluates & treats unexpected (episodic) illness and injury • Patient population is largely unknown to the physician • Encompasses a unique body of knowledge • Depth and breadth

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Nursing Management – Staffing

Staffing: – is the third phase of the management process. – In staffing the leader/manager recruits, selects, orients, and promotes personnel development to accomplish the goals of the organization. – Staffing is an especially important phase of the management process

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Nursing Team And Team Building

Groups and Teams Group: A number of individuals assembled together or having some unifying relationships. All the parents in a preparatory school. All the students in the fourth level at the school of Nursing.   Definition of Team: Teams are

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