Stresses for critical care nurse


–    Definition of stress:“The nonspecific response of the body to any demand made upon it”Stresses for critical care nurse
–    Conflict with physicians
–    Conflict with hospital or nursing administration
–    Inadequate staff
–    Moral and ethical dilemmas
–    Personal insecurity
–    Threat patient morbidity and mortality
–    Inadequate knowledge or skills
–    Physical work environment
–    Lack of rewards
–    Interpersonal conflictBurnout



–    Critical Care Nurse are vulnerable to burnout owing to the stressors that have been previously described.
–    What is burnout: “collapse of the human spirit”

Sign and symptoms of burnout
1)    Individual
–    Physical health
–    Back pain
–    upset stomach
–    nervousness
–    headache
–    fatigue
–    difficulty sleeping
–    loss of appetite
–    Mental health
–    hopelessness
–    interpersonal conflict
2)    Organizational
–    absenteeism
–    high turnover
–    intrastaff conflict
–    declining work quality
–    tardiness
–    low moral
–    request for transfer
–    declining productivity
3)    Patient
–    serious clinical mistakes
–    patient neglect
–    dehumanized care

Factors contributing to burnout
–    Work overload
–    Role conflict
–    Powerlessness
–    Conflict between the real and the ideal
–    Unrealistic expectation by self and others
–    Lack of positive feedback
–    Lack of support and positive feedback from administration
–    Being the recipient of projected negative feeling
Strategies for caring for oneself
–    Set realistic goals
–    Break away
–    Take thing less personally
–    Seek out positive feedback
–    Develop self-knowledge
–    Use relaxation technique
–    Exercise
–    Develop a life a way from work
–    Use decompression activity
–    Accentuate the positive
–    Assess coping style
–    Seek professional help

Strategies used by managers in reducing staff stress
–    Empower the staff
–    Support the staff
–    Sharpen interpersonal skills
–    Take care of yourself
–    Develop the team
–    Be a staff advocate
–    Provide feedback
–    Offer support group
–    Encourage use of humor

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