SMALL POX, TETANUS, CHICKEN POX Nursing Intervention and Care Plan


SMALL POX Nursing Intervention and Care Plan
Nursing role:
1- Eye care.
2- Good oral hygiene.
3- Diet as tolerated is given.
4- Severe cases may require sedatives,I.V fluid,oxygen,blood transfusion.
5- No treatment except antibiotics for secondary infection.
TETANUS Nursing Intervention and Care Plan
Treatment and nursing role
1) Antitoxin should be given.
2) Penicillin is effective against tetanus micro-organism.
3) Wound should be cleaned thoroughly.
4) Antibiotics should be given to prevent infection of wound.
5) Sterilization of all contaminated hospital supplies.
6) Place the child in dark quiet room.
7) Avoid any stimulation which may cause spasm.
8) A combination of muscle relaxant, sedative and tranquilizer to control tetanospasm.
9) Tracheostomy may be necessary if laryngospasm occur.
10-I.V fluid ,oxygen ,respirator for respiratory failure. Suction ,indwelling
catheter may be necessary.

CHICKEN POX Nursing Intervention and Care Plan
– Treatment is symptomatic :prevent child from scratching ,keep finger nail short and clean . Sedative may be necessary ,use soothing lotion to allay itching. If secondary infection occur antibiotic may be given.

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