Rickets(vitamin D deficiency) and Nursing Role


Rickets(vitamin D deficiency) Definition

It is a disease of growing children due to lack of fat soluble vitamin D.

Sources: sunlight,milk,egg yolk.

Predisposing factors to rickets:

1- Heridity.

2- Age 3months -3years.

3- Artificial feeding.

4- Prematurity.

5- Lack of sunlight.

Clinical manifestation:

1- Head appear enlarge and square, anterior fontanel is late in closure,crainial bones are soft and making cracking sound under pressure(crainiotabes).

2- Bilateral depression at the site when the diaphragm is attached to the ribs.

3- Dorsal kyphosis,scoliosis.

4- Knock knee.

5- Epiphysial enlargement of the wrist and ankles.

6- Later sitting and frog like position.

Nursing role:

1- Gently handled and turned frequently.

2- Kept from putting their weight on legs or spinal column.

3- When lift should never put pressure on bone of chest.

4- Diaper is applied loosely.

5- Lie on a firm mattress.

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