Resuscitation of Newborn baby and Nursing Responsibilities

neonatal resuscitation
Resuscitation of Newborn baby
1- You should do Apgar score.
2- Prevent hypothermia.
3- Dry the baby.
4- Wrap the baby with dry towel.
5- Cover the head.
– Then weigh the baby.
– Start breast-feeding as early as possible usually within the first half hour after normal vaginal delivery.
Resuscitation consists simply of the following:
a- Airway :airway should be patent, this is done by simple suction.
b- Breathing : use Ambo bag or ventilator.
c- Cardiac.
d- Drugs e.g :NaHCO3,Adrenalin, (Nalorphine is given if the mother take pethidine in labor).
Note: if the baby is admitted to the neonatal care unit:
1- Label him or her.
2- Write notes for follow up.

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