Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing


psyche the Greek for soul/mind and iatros  for healer.
Psychiatry = healer of the spirit.

The Psychiatric/mental Health Nurse

0“Mental Health Nursing is a specialized field of nursing which focuses on meeting the mental health needs of the consumer, in partnership with family, significant others and the community in any setting. It is a specialized interpersonal process embodying a concept of caring….”

The Essence of Psychiatric/mental Health Nursing

*Lies not in tasks performed or with the presenting illness but in the relationship that develops with clients and families and their responses to the illness, including the impact that the illness has on their lives
*The essence is in establishing a ‘therapeutic partnership’, a connectedness, between the nurse and client which is based on empathy and trust.

Similarities & Differences

–    Work in close contact with people from a wide variety of backgrounds.
–    Provide CARE for people with a wide variety of illnesses.
–    Involved in health promotion and illness prevention.
–    Nursing philosophy of benevolence.
–    Education: must meet required level of  knowledge and skills to attain registration/endorsement.
–    Governed by the Nurses Codes – Professional Conduct & Ethic
–    Structure of work hours, salary, benefits.
Core focus of Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing
–    Therapeutic relationship
–    Use of self as a therapeutic tool
–    People-centered approach, engaging clients in discourse, promoting change
–    Less task orientated
–    Less technical environment
–    Professional autonomy
–    Clinical competence based on interpersonal techniques
Stuart & Laraia (2001)
–    Less repetition in process & procedures due to client individuality

All In The Head

–    Mental health is defined as: “… a state of successful performance of mental function, resulting in productive activities, fulfilling relationships with other people, and the ability to adapt to change and to cope with adversity.”
(The Review Dawn October 9,2008)
–    A person who is mentally healthy is able to deal with normal human emotion, is productive ,has successful relationships with others, can adapt to change and can cope with adversity
(Boyed ,2005 P. 28)
–    Everyone has potential to be mentally healthy
Seven Signs of Mental  Health
–    Happiness
–    Control over behavior
–    Appraisal of reality
–    Effectiveness in work
–    Healthy self-concept
–    Satisfying relationships (give and receive love)
–    Effective coping strategies

Traits of Mental Health

–    Ability to
–    Deal with conflicting emotions
–    Live without undue fear, guilt, or anxiety
–    Take responsibility for one’s own actions
–    Think clearly
–    Negotiate each developmental task

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