Poisoning in Children and Nursing Role

Childhood dangers


Poisoning in children is always an accident due to carelessness in leaving poisonous substance within the reach of children. This include cleaning agent, detergents, bleachs,insectiside,heavy metals, paint solvent,kerosene,cosmetic preparation, drugs.


1- The first step is to identify the poison if this can be done quickly, the mother may see the container from which the child took the poison.

2- The vomitus should be saved for the physician inspection.

3- The urine should be kept for examination.

4- A characteristic odor on the child breath may be helpful.

Management at home:-

The immediate procedure is to induce vomiting in all cases except:

1- If the child is comatose.

2- Petrolium poisoning.

3- Poisoning with corrosive material.

– After that the child should be taken immediately to a physician.

Management at hospital:-

1- Induce vomiting using syrup of ipecac or do gastric lavage if it is advisable.

2- The antidote is given.

3-Oxygen and parenteral fluid are given.

Responsibility of nurse:-

1- Should prevent the anxious parent from over stimulating the child.

2- The nurse will save all the vomitus and urine specimen for laboratory examination.

3- The nurse assist the physician with gastric lavage.

Contraindication of gastric lavage:-

1- In case of coma.

2- Petroleum poisoning or its derivative.

3- Corrosive material.

4- Supportive therapy to increase the effectiveness of removing the poison and giving a specific antidote.

5- The nurse must watch for any evidence of CNS stimulation or depression.

6- Emotional support.

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