PNEUMONIA And Nursing Responsibilities

PNEUMONIAEtiology:- bacteria,virus,ricketsea,fungus,mycoplasma,T.B,inhalation pneumonia.

Clinical feature:

fever,dyspnea,cough,malaise,poor appetite.
 Treatment and responsibility of nurse:
1) Oxygen is seldom needed.
2) Hospitalization if severe complication arise.
3) Adequate rest.
4) Increase fluid intake.
5) Antipyretic
6) Antibiotics.
Prevention: isolation.


1. Complete blood count.
2. Chest x-ray.
3. Sputum for gram stain, culture and sensitivity.
4. Skin test in case of tuberculosis.
5. Diagnostic thoracocentesis in case of pleural effusion.
6. Bronchoscopy if there is suspicion of foreign body.
7. Lung biopsy.

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