PERTUSSIS(Whooping cough) Nursing Intervention and Nursing Care plan

PERTUSSIS(Whooping cough)
Incubation period=7-10 days.
Causative agent :bordetella pertussis.-Method of spread :
a-direct contact.
b-air born by droplet.
Clinical manifestation : there are three stages of whooping cough.
1-Catarrhal stage :begins with symptoms of upper respiratory tract infection
e.g –coryza,sneezing,lacrimation,cough,low grade fever for 4-14 days.
2-Paroxysmal stage (one month): cough is most common at night, consist of a
series of short rapid cough followed by sudden inspiration associated with
3-Convalescent stage: good appetite, gaining weight.
Complication of whooping cough:
1) Otitis media.
2) Hernia.
3) Pneumonia.
4) Prolapsed rectum.
5) Ulcerative tongue.
Nursing care:
1- Isolation during catarrhal stage.
2- Bed rest ,mental rest.

3- Provide restful environment and reduce factors that promote paroxysm(dust, smoking).
4- Encourage fluid ,small frequent feeding.
5- Increase humidity.
6- Observe for signs of air way obstruction.
7- Small amount of sedatives may be necessary to quiet the child.
8- Protect the child from secondary infection ,antibiotics may be given to treat secondary infection.
9- Pertussis immune antiserum may be given.

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