Nursing Observation Competence Checklist For Administration of a Subcutaneous Injection

Steps Allotted


Student’s Scores Remarks
1. Introduce yourself. 1
1. 2. Explain procedure to the child & family. 1

· Select the syringe size.

· Choose the appropriate site.

4. Prepare the neededequipment and supplies:

· Syringe filled with medication.

· Alcohol swab.

· Gauze pad or cotton ball.

· Small band-aid.

· Disposable gloves.

5. Have another nurse, an assistant, or the parents’

restrain the child while the injection is being given.

6. Wear gloves. 1
7. Locate the site. Clean with alcohol using an outward circular motion. 1
8. Pinch the skin between the thumb and index finger. 1
9. Remove the cap from the syringe. Insert the needle quickly at about a 45-degree angle. Release the skin and pull back the plunger 1
10. If no blood is aspirated, inject the medication, and

withdraw the needle at the angle at which it was


11.Massage the area with a gauze pad or cotton ball (alcohol will sting) 1
12.Return the child to a position of comfort. 1
13.Discard it in container according to standard

pre­caution recommendations

14. Remove gloves. 1
15. Wash hands. 1
16. Document administration and effects observed. 1
17. Punctuality. 1
18. Feedback and conclusion. 1
19. Mastering procedure. 1
20. Self confidence. 1
Total Score 25 / 25

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