Nursing Intervention for Bone Marrow Aspiration


– Explain the procedure to patient or parents, the purpose to allay fear and nervousness.
– Inform the patient or parents that more than one bone marrow specimen may be required to assess the proration of the disease and blood sample will be collected before the procedure for laboratory testing to determine the level of the immunity.
– Inform the pt or the parent that a local anesthetic will be administered to maintain the physical and mental comfort for the pt.
– Get a surgical consent form signed by the pt or parent to have legal documentation permission for the procedure
confirm time for procedure.
– Start pt nil 4 hr before the procedure to avoid any vomiting and discomfort of pt.
– In preparing a child more than 3 years old till him it is alright to cry if he want to but the pain will go away quickly to gain his co operation and confidence.
– Position pt according to biopsy site and instruct him to remain as still as possible .Hold the child if necessary securely.
– Assist doctor with mask gown and gloves and set up the sterile field to expedite procedure by being thoroughly prepared.

Prepare dressing trolley:-
– Doctor will clean chosen area ,administer local anesthetic ,insert the aspiration needle and withdraw bone marrow with 20 cc syringe.

– After aspiration the nurse should apply firm pressure for 5-10 minutes to point of entry .spray and apply pressure bandage to prevent complications after the procedure and reduce infection.
– Doctor will spread the specimen on slides to transfer properly labeled specimen to the laboratory promptly.
– Check that specimen is labeled correctly by doctor.

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