Nursing Documentation Activity Exercise Pattern

Activity Exercise Pattern

  • Activities of daily living, including routines of exercise, leisure, and recreation.
  • Activities necessary for personal hygiene, cooking, shopping, eating, maintaining the home, and working.
  • An assessment is made of any factors that affect or interfere with the client’s routine activities of daily living.

Subjective Data

  • Describe your activities on a normal day. (Including hygiene activities , eating activities.)
  • Do you have difficulty with any of these self-care activities? Explain.
  • Does anyone help you with these activities? How?
  • Do you use any special devices to help you with your activities?
  • Does your current physical health affect any of these activities e.g. dyspnea, shortness of breath, palpations, chest pain. pain, stiffness, weakness)

Occupational Activities

  • Describe what you do to make a living.
  • Do you feel it has affected your health?
  • How has your health affected your ability to work?


Objective Data

  • Refer to Thoracic and Lung Assessment Cardiac Assessment
  • Peripheral Vascular Assessment Musculoskeletal Assessment.


Associated Nursing Diagnoses

Wellness Diagnoses

  • Opportunity to enhance effective cardiac output
  • Opportunity to enhance effective self-care activities
  • Opportunity to enhance adequate tissue perfusion Opportunity to enhance effective breathing pattern


Risk Diagnoses

  • Risk for Disorganized Infant Behavior
  • Risk for Peripheral Neurovascular Dysfunction
  • Risk for altered respiratory function


Actual Diagnoses

  • Activity Intolerance
  • Impaired Gas Exchange
  • Ineffective Airway Clearance
  • Ineffective Breathing Pattern
  • Disuse syndrome
  • Impaired Physical Mobility
  • Inability to Sustain Spontaneous Ventilation
  • Altered Tissue Perfusion

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