Nursing care plan for gastric cancer


Case Study:

male pt ,49 years old, enter in the hospital with abnormal signs: pain in the stomach , vomiting ,nausea , wt loss , anxiety, constipation , anorexia, anemia, so that some diagnostic test was done to the pt as : ascites , endoscopy for biopsy ba.meal , ct scan , & we find the pt in stomach cancer.

pain in the stomach , anxiety , vomiting , wt loss
Nursing diagnosis
psychological distress(anxiety related to fear of death


pt will have low level of stress as evidence by receiving. visitors

Nursing intervention
· communicate the pt

· teach stress reduction techniques
· assess the need for spiritual counseling & refer as appropriate
· emochinal support to decrease stress& anxiety
· instruct the pt in fowler position

· relif of anxiety
· pt & family discuss their anxietes

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