Neonatal Reflexes

Neonatal Reflexes
Neonatal Reflexes
Moro reflex : appear at birth and disappear at 3 months.
– The neonate in supine position, head supported by examiner hand, support is withdrawn suddenly so followed by:
a- Extension of the trunk.
b- Extension and abduction of the upper limbs.
c- Flexion and adduction of arms.
Tonic neck reflex: appear at birth and disappear at 6 months.
– The infant when lying on his back turn his head to one side:
a- Extension of arm and leg on that side.
b- Flexion of limbs on opposite side.
Feeding reflex:
1- Sucking reflex : done by stroking the lips with your finger.
2- Rooting reflex : the infant turn his head toward the nipple when it touch near mouth.
3- Swallowing reflex : 9 and 10 cranial nerves plays role in swallowing.

Blinking reflex: infant is aroused when subjected to bright light.
Grasp reflex: resent in both hands and feet(palms and soles). Infant hold things
then it drop.

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