MEASLES (rubeola ) and Nursing Intervention


MEASLES (rubeola )

  • Incubation period =10-14 days.
  • Causative agent :-Virus.

Method of spread :

  1. Direct contact.
  2. Droplet and contaminated dust.

Clinical manifestation:

  1. Coryza, conjunctivitis, photophobia.
  2. Koplik’s spots in the mouth.
  3. Hacking cough, high fever, rash, enlarged lymph node.

– The rash begins behind the ears, on the forehead or cheeks then progress to the extremities and last about 5 days.


  1. Otitis media.
  2. Pneumonia.
  3. Bronchiolitis.
  4. Obstructive laryngitis.
  5. Encephalitis.

Nursing care:

  1. Isolation until 5th day of rash.
  2. Keep a child in bed until fever and cough subside.
  3. Dim light, clean eyelid, irrigate eye with saline.
  4. Encourage fluid during fever.
  5. Increase humidity in child’s room to relieve cough.
  6. Releive itching of skin by tepid bath and soothing lotion.
  7. Immune serum or gamma-globulin may be given to modify illness and reduce complication.
  8. Antibacterial therapy given for treatment of complication e.g:respiratory infection or gastroenteritis.

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