Intussusceptions and Nursing Role



It is a slipping of one part of the intestine into another part occurs in male more than female ,it occurs before age 5 years with the highest incidence between 6 and 15 months. Some conditions correct itself without treatment this is termed spontaneous reduction.


1- Abdominal pain.

2- Bile stained vomiting ,if the condition not treated fecal vomiting occur.

3- Bowel movement is little, current jell stool is common 12 hours after onset of the obstruction.

4- Shock, fever,dehydration.



2-Physical examination, the physician may feel a sausage shaped mass in the right upper portion of abdomen during palpation.


Prognosis:-is good when the condition is treated within 24 hours.


1-Medical(hydrostatic pressure).


Nursing Role:

A–Preoperative Care:

1-Restoring blood ,fluid and electrolyte.

2-Gastric suction to prevent gastric distention.

3-Prepare for surgery.

B–Postoperative Care:

1-Vital signs are checked frequently.

2-Child position is changed and careful attention is given to skin.

3-The operation site is kept clean and dry.

4-Clear fluid are given when bowel sound is heard.

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