Intestinal Obstruction and Nursing Responsibilities

Intestinal Obstruction

Intestinal Obstruction

In the newborn may result from a number of condition:-

1) Congenital atresia or Stenosis.

2) Malrotation of the colon.

3) Volvulus of the midgut.

4) Internal hernia.

5) Peritoneal bands.

6) Hirschsprungs disease.

Clinical manifestations of intestinal obstruction:-

Three main symptoms are:

1-Absence of stool(absolute constipation).

2-Bilious vomiting of intestinal obstruction.

3-Abdominal distention.



2-Physical examination.

3-X-ray (plain film, barium meal, or barium enema).

Treatment:- Surgery.


Responsibility of the nurse:-

-1-It is the nurse who is most likely to observe the main symptoms of intestinal

obstruction in the newborn.

-2-Assist the physician during examination and management of patient.

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