INFECTIOUS HEPATITIS Nursing Intervention and Care Plan

Treatment is symptomatic:
1- Bed rest.
2- Diet should be high in protein ,calories, and CHO ,but low in fat.
3- Hospitalization only for persistent vomiting and toxicity ,fluid may be given parenteraly.
4- Enteric precaution are necessary which include :-
a- Disposable gloves must be used when carrying the child’s fecal waist from the room ,also when giving enema and taking blood sample.
b- Disposable needles and syringes are advisable in drawing blood sample and in parenteral therapy.
5- Observation for indication of increasing severity of the disease e.g :unusual somnolence, mental confusion and extreme anorexia.
Prevention :
1- Washing of hands after bowel motion.
2- Adequate cleansing of toilet.
3- Decontamination of food and water before use.

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