Infantile Hypertrophy Pyloric Stenosis (IHPS) Nursing Care and Intervention


• Is obstruction of the pyloric sphincter due to hypertrophy of the circular muscle of the pylorus. It is one of the most common surgical disorder of early infancy.



– Newborn (2nd to 4th week after birth), initially there is non projectile vomiting.

– Then projectile vomiting that rapidly lead to dehydration.

– The vomit is no stained with bile.

– No weight gain or may loss weight

– Abdominal distention

– Palpable olive shaped tumor (right of the umbilicus)

Nursing and Therapeutic management:

– Correction of dehydration by IV fluids

– Surgical relief by Pyloromyotomy.

– The stomach is decompressed with NG tube (distention)

– Postoperative management consist of: initial feeds start 8- 12 hours after surgery with small, frequent feeding of fluids.

– Provide care as any abdominal surgery


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