Infant Bathing , Nursing Competence


No. Steps Student score Allotted score Remarks
1 Prepare the equipments & instruments

*Basin with warm water ( 40.6 c )

* Mild soap

*Cotton balls

* Soft washcloth


* Dry clean clothing

* Blanket

* Non sterile gloves

* Alcohol pad ( If umbilical cord care is indicated )

* Comb

* Baby lotion

* Towel

2 Explain the procedure to family. 1
4 Wash hands 1
5 Screen the child 1
6 Take & record room temperature , pulse and respiration 1
7 Wash from head to feet. Dry washed areas with a towel , giving added emphasis to skin folds 1
8 Moisten a cotton ball with water and wipe eyes from inner to outer canthus. repeat with a clean cotton ball on the other eye 1
9 Wet washcloth & wring. Gently wash one side of the face from forehead to chin, going around the nose and mouth. 1
10 Repeat on other side of the face .Do not use soap on the face 1
11 Dry infant’s face with towel 1
12 Cleanse the baby’s scalp, through picking up baby securely by sliding hand under the baby until the head is well supported in the palm of the hand. 1
13 Cover ears with thumb and middle finger. 1
14 Hold baby’s head over the basin. Soap and rinse head and dry with towel 1
15 Continue washing ears and neck, giving particular attention to the skin folds of the neck, behind the ears, and the external part of the ears. 1
16 Wipe washed areas repeatedly to rinse off soap 1
17 Remove infant’s shirt. 1
18 Wash trunk and arms. Wash between fingers. Turn infant one on side to wash back
19 Cover infant with a blanket. 1
20 Rinse and wring washcloth, then wipe away soap. Repeat to ensure removal of soap
21 Dry area with towel. Cover trunk after drying 1
22 Remove diaper, exposing lower half of body. Keep upper half of body covered with blanket 1
23 Lightly soap washcloth, wipe over abdomen & around umbilical cord .Work down each leg to the foot, using long stroking motions. Wash between toes. clean around umbilical cord with alcohol swab or sterile applicator 1
24 Rinse washcloth and wipe soap off body , paying particular attention to skin creases 1
25 Wash genitalia with cotton balls. Spread apart the female’s labia and clean between folds, using a front to back motion. use each cotton ball for one stroke only 1
26 The male genitalia should be washed with cotton balls from penis to anus. Do not retract the foreskin of the penis 1
27 Next wash the anus and between the glottal fold and buttocks 1
28 Dry lower half of body. Rediaper .Redress and position the infant in the isolate or bassinet 1 1
29 Document any abnormalities in the skin surface in the medical record

  1. Desquamation
  2. Milia
  3. Jaundice
  4. Telangiectatic nevi ( Stork bites )
  5. Forceps marks
30 Document the infant’s tolerance of the bath process 1
31 Replace equipments 1
32 Wash hands 1
33 conclusion 1
34 Mastering the procedure 1
35 self confidence 1
Total Score 35

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