Immunization And Vaccination Program

Immunization And Vaccination


first week

  1. BCG vaccine against T.B given by intradermal route, at left upper shoulder.
  2. O.P.V oral polio vaccine given as two drops orally(zero dose).
  3. Hepatitis B vaccine on anterolateral aspect of the thigh given intramuscularly(1st dose).

2nd month of age

  1. D.P.T vaccine against diphtheria,pertussis,tetanus given intramuscularly(1st dose).
  2. O.P.V (1ST dose).
  3. Hepatitis B vaccine (2nd dose).

4 month of age

  1. D.P.T vaccine(2nd dose).
  2. O.P.V (2nd dose).

6th month of age

  1. D.P.T(3rd dose).
  2. O.P.V(3rd dose).
  3. Hepatitis B (3rd dose).

9 month of age

Measles vaccine given subcutaneously in the left upper arm.

15 month of age

M.M.R vaccine against measles,mumps,rubella given subcutaneously in the left upper arm.

18 month of age

1st booster dose of D.P.T and O.P.V.

4-6 years

-2nd booster dose of D.P.T and O.P.V.

Contraindication of immunization

1. Acute febrile illness of temperature above 38.5.

2. Allergy.

3. Severe reaction following previous administration of D.P.T.such as :

  • severe neurological reaction.
  • temperature 40.5 degree or more.
  • convulsion.
  •  shock.

4. Live vaccine(B.C.G,O.P.V,MMR,Varicella)

  •  are not given to any one with an altered immune system such as leukemia,lymphoma,generalized malignancy. And those who receive immunosuppressive therapy such as steroid, chemotherapy or radiation.

5. Recent blood transfusion or injection of immune serum globulin.

6. Pregnancy is known contraindication to immunization against mumps, measles and rubella.

Side effect of immunization(reaction)

  1. D.P.T :-mild fever,redness,swelling at site of injection.
  2. Measles :-fever,rash,anorexia occur about 7 days following vaccination and last only for few days. Encephalitis rarely occur.
  3. Rubella :-produce rash within few days which last 1-2 days, joint pain and swelling sometime.
  4. O.P.V :-rarely have side effect.


Acetaminophen given as soon as side effect occur.

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