High risk infants

High risk infants
High risk infant definition:
an infant who should be under close observation by experienced physician and nurses usually for few days to several weeks.
– These infants should be identified as early as possible to decrease neonatal mortality and morbidity.
Infants at risk are:
1- Premature.
2- Postmature.
3- History of fetal or neonatal sibling death.
4- Apgar score 0-4 at 1 minute.
5- History of maternal infection or other illness during pregnancy.
6- Social problems e.g :teenage pregnancy, drug addiction, absent prenatal care.
7- Premature rupture of membrane.
8- Abnormal gestational weight gain.
9- Prolonged infertility.
10- Old primigravida more than 35 year or young less than 16 years.
11- Drug ingestion.
12- Multiple pregnancy , and gestation within 6 months of previous pregnancy.
13- Delivery by cesarean section or any unusual obstetrical complication.

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