Glutein sensitive enteropathy (coeliac disease)

coeliac disease
Glutein sensitive enteropathy(coeliac disease)
An immunologic ally mediated intolerance to Glutein containing
grains(wheat,rye,barley and possibly oat) result in small intestinal villous atrophy.
Clinical manifestation:
Usually begins between 6-18 months and include apathy,irritability,pain,vomiting, chronic diarrhea, failure to thrive,steatorrhea,abdominal distention, wasted skeletal muscle mass, clubbing of finger and peripheral edema also may occur. Malabsorption occurs especially of vitamin D ,Folic acid ,Iron and Calcium.
1- History.
2 -Clinical examination.
3- Jeujenal biopsy shows subtotal villous atrophy, and then 2nd specimen show improvement with Glutein free diet.
consist of permanent elimination of Glutein containing food.

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