Crippled (Handicapped ) Children Nursing Intervention and Care Plan

Crippled child
Crippled (Handicapped ) Children
Treatment and responsibility of nurse:
e.g :treatment of children having cerebral palsy(C.P).
-The aim of rehabilitation is to help the child handicapped since birth to make total use of the ability he has been able to develop and to help him establish capability that the normal child develops.C.P patient should be under the supervision of the C.P team. This team includes the pediatrician, social worker,surgeon,orthopedist, psychologist ,physiotherapist,speech therapist,teacher,nurse and the child’s parents.
Care include planning for special problems:
1- Problems of respiration: which could be due to cerebral lesion or to mucous in the infant’s throat. Mucous can be removed by aspiration or suction and the infant’s position can be changed frequently to reduce his discomfort.
2- Feeding problems: To help him take his feeding he can be fed slowly, the nurse must be patient when giving him solid food and he may require nasogastric feeding.
3- Problems of relaxation: They need frequent rest period in a quiet room. The administration of tranquilizers to these children help to relieve tension and thus promote relaxation.
4- Education: Include training in self care and social relations as well as formal education. It should begin in nursery school and can be adjusted to the child’s capacity. In most cities there are special schools for handicapped children.
5- Physical care of children with C.p: Include prevention of contractures. A physiotherapist can teach parents how to carry out passive stretching exercise, corrective splints may be ordered to be used at night but leg splints may be used during the day to enable the child to stand.

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