Congestive heart failure Nursing Role and Intervention

Congestive heart failure
Congestive heart failure
It is the inability of the heart to pump an adequate amount of blood to the systemic circulation to meet the metabolic demand of the body.
Heart failure is often divided into:
1- Right sided heart failure.
2- Left sided heart failure.
1- Is made on the base of clinical manifestation.
2- Chest X-ray reveal cardiomegaly and increase pulmonary vascular marking.
3- ECG reveal ventricular hypertrophy.
4- Echocardiogram.
Nursing role
1- The child is positioned for optimal ventilation and administration of oxygen.
2- I.V line is established.
3- Cardiac and respiratory function is monitored by cardiac monitor.
4- Pulse ox meter to monitor oxygen saturation.
5- Urinary out put and serum electrolyte are evaluated frequently.

6- Maintain nutritional status: infants should be well supported and fed in asemiupright position. Infants with feeding difficulty are often fed using nasogastric tube until the infants medical status improves and can take oral feeding. Increasing the caloric density of the formula by concentration. If potassium loosing diuretics are given the nurse encourages food high in potassium such as banana, orange.
7- Body weighing daily.

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