Changing the external Drainage system Nursing Protocol




Change the system in accordance with
manufactures recommendations
(7-10 days)
Reduces the risk of infection
This procedure must be carried out using an aseptic technique To reduce the risk of infection
This should be carried out by health care professionals that are trained and
assessed to be competent
Dressing trolley
Sterile towels & sterile gloves goggles
Cleansing agent i.e. betadine solution s
New Drainage set
Yellow polythene bag x2
New sterile drainage bag
30 ml syringe and 25g needle
0.9 % normal saline
Wash hands and put on goggles (visor) and sterile gloves To reduce the risk of cross infection
Clamp the drain using the clamps
Tighten all the connections on the new drainage system
Prime the system with sterile 0.9 % Normal Saline ensuring that there is no air within the system

Ensure that all ports are closed

To prime the set and prevent
Manufactures guidelines
The sampling port nearest to the patient’s head must be turned off to the patient Clamp the drain i.e. non-traumatic forceps To prevent damage to the intraventricular catheter from the forceps
Locate the connection that joins the drainage system swab with gauze soaked in 2 % alcoholic chlorhexidine solution
Close all stopcocks in the used system
To prevent leakage of CSF
Detach the used system and dispose of it by double bagging in a yellow polyethylene clinical waste bag and placing in yellow body fluid container.
Attach the new system
Re zero and set to the prescribed level
Open the drain and check that it is patent and draining
As per Infection Control Guidelines.
Drainage bags need to be changed when they are three quarters full Over filling may result in impaired

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