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Assessment of the Respiratory System

  Anatomy of Respiratory System • The lung are two cone- shaped, elastic structure suspended within the thoracic cavity. • Lung are paired , they are not complete symmetric , the right lung contain up three lobe, whereas the left

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Bronchial Asthma – Nursing Diagnosis and Nursing Care Plan

  • Asthma is an immediate hypersensitivity response. • Severe bronchoconstriction can be induced by cold air and irritating odors or inhalation of an allergen. Types of Bronchial asthma • Intrinsic : No immunologic cause for clinical symptoms. • Extrinsic:

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Cystic Fibrosis – Nursing Diagnosis and Care Plan

Physiology of Respiratory System • Inspiration: Intake of warmed moistened air to the lungs leading to alveolar exchange of oxygen to hemoglobin and diffusion of carbon dioxide into alveoli. • Expiration: Discharge of carbon dioxide filled air to outside. •

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Is an airway clearance technique that combines : 1 ) Positioning or postural drainage (allowing gravity to help drain secretions into central airways ) . 2 ) Rhythmic percussion of the chest wall (to help loosen secretions) . 3 )

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Respiratory Physiology 3 Lecture Notes

Transport of CO2 from tissues: PCO2 is higher in the tissues than in capillary blood, so CO2 will diffuse to capillary blood and will be transported in blood through the following 3 ways: 1- Dissolved in plasma d inside RBCs;

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