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SPIROCHETES, Syphilis Lecture Notes

SPIROCHETES –     Spirochetes are heterogeneous group of spiral motile bacteria. –     Strains of medical importance: –          1-Treponema pallidum. –          2-Borellia. –          3-Leptospira. Classification of Treponemas: –     The genus Treponema (T.) contains both pathogenic and nonpathogenic species . –     Nonpathogenic treponemas

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Campylobacter, Helicobacter pylori Lecture Notes

Campylobacter • Small gram negative rods spiral seagull or S shaped • Darting cock screw like motilty • Zoonosis • Undercooked poultry and meat major source of infection in humans • Foodborne • Enetrocolitis with diarrhoea,followed by bloody stools with

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Shigella and Pseudomonas Lecture Notes

Shigella •.mode of transmission • Person to person • Four- fingers-flies ,food,feaces • Pathogenesis • Limited to gastrointestinal tract without blood invasion. • Toxin acts early producing non-bloody diarrhoea- • followed by invasionof mucosa and wall of large intestine terminal

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Kliebsiella , Salmonella Lecture Notes

Kliebsiella • Normal inhabitants of intestine and respiratory tract • Saprophytes in soil and water • Some caus e disease in man • Morphology • Gram negative ,nonmotile capsulated bacilli • Culture • Lactose fermenters on MacConkeys agar • K.pneumoniae

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Enterobacteriacea and E.coli Lecture Notes

• Lactose fermenters • Escherichia • Klebsiella • Citrobacter • Enterobacter • Non-lactose fermenters • Salmonella • Shigella • Proteus LARGEST COLLECTION OF MEDICALLY IMPORTANT BACTERIA causing 35% septicemias,more than 70% UTI infections and many intestinal infections.are part of the

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