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Care of the Patient With a Neurological Disorder

Neurological Assessment History Headaches Loss of function Visual acuity Seizures Numbness Pain Personality change Mood swing Fatigue Mental Status Orientation Mood and behavior General knowledge Short term memory Long term memor Level of consciousness Glasgow Coma Scale Eye opening Verbal

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Basic Infection Control

Infection: An invasion of pathogens or microorganisms into the body that are capable of producing disease. The invasion and reproduction of microorganisms in a body tissue that can result in a local or systemic clinical response such as cellulitis, fever

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Nursing Assessment, History and Diagnosis for Elimination Pattern

Adequacy of the client’s bowel and bladder. The client’s bowel and urinary habits. Bowel or urinary problems Use of urinary or bowel elimination devices.

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Nursing assessment and Diagnosis for Nutritional-Metabolic Pattern

Assessing the client’s nutritional-metabolic pattern is to determine the client’s dietary habits and metabolic needs. The conditions of hair, skin, nails, teeth and mucous membranes are assessed

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Health Assessment Nursing History

Nursing History Systematic collection of subjective data and objective data . used to determine a client functional health pattern status. The nurse collects physiological, socio cultural, developmental, and spiritual client data .These data assist the nurse in identifying nursing diagnosis

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