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Critical Care Nursing

Nursing Priorities of trauma management

Definition of Emergency Medicine Emergency Medicine is a medical specialty which: • Evaluates & treats unexpected (episodic) illness and injury • Patient population is largely unknown to the physician • Encompasses a unique body of knowledge • Depth and breadth

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Patients in the ICU are at an increased risk of developing nosocomial infection: The severity of the patient’s illness and Underlying conditions The length of exposure to invasive devices and procedures The increased contact with health-care personnel The length of

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CPR And Nursing

WHAT IS BLS & CPR?   Emergency treatment to overcome the failure of breathing and circulation Maintaining a clear airway Breathing into the victim’s lungs Compressing the chest to make blood circulate round the body Turning the victim onto his

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Arterial Lines And Nursing

What is an A-line? A-line stands for Arterial line. Our teams use the same 20-gauge straight IV catheters that they use for peripheral lines, and insert them into – usually – the radial artery in one wrist or the other.

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Suctioning , Tracheostomy

Anatomy And Physiology

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