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American Nursing Association (ANA) Has identified assessment as the first standard of nursing practice. The standard (data base ) describe as the systematic, continues collection data about health status of the clients. Nurse are responsible not only for data collection

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Community Health Nursing – Immunization Program

Expanded program on immunization (EPI) – Immunity, type of immunity. – Vaccines. – Vaccination program. – Strategies of Palestinian Authority of vaccination program. – Cold chain.

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Collection of Specimen And Nursing responsibilities

• Many of the specimens needed for diagnostic examination of children are collected in much the same way as for adult. • Older children are able to cooperate if given proper instruction regarding what is expected of them. • Infants

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Nurse guide to diabetes care

Introduction Fortunately, during the last three decades, progress in diabetes has enabled patients to take far better care of their diabetes than ever before. Unfortunately, many nurses and physicians have found it difficult to keep up with all of the

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Cardiac catheterization and ECG

  Cardiac catheterization Pre – operative : 1- fasting 8-12 hrs. Post – operative : 1- observe puncture sites, hematoma, peripheral pulses, every 15 minutes for 1 hr. then every 1-2 hrs until stable. 2- color of exterimities, pain, numbness.

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