Caring for infant Phototherapy, Nursing Competence


No. Steps Student score Allotted score Remarks
1 Prepare the equipments & instruments

*Radiant warmer or isolette

*Eye shields patches

* Face mask


* Phototherapy light source

2 Explain the procedure to the parents 1
3 Remove all clothing from the infant 1
4 Place a face mask over the genital area as a diaper .Remove plastic or mental nosepiece. 1


5 Cover the infant eyes with eye patches .keep nasal passages unobstructed with patches. 1
6 Place the infant in a neutral thermal environment using a radiant warmer or an isolette .A cap may be used to prevent heat loss from the head 1
7 Place lights approximately 50 cm. from the infant . 1
8 Document the color & condition of the skin on admission & every 8 hrs 1
9 Monitor direct or indirect billirubin levels per agency schedule , notify physician of result . 1
10 Position on side or prone, change position every 2 horse and monitor skin condition. 1
11 Keep skin clean and dry. 1
12 Record number and quality of stools. 1
13 Monitor skin turgor and mucous membranes for signs of dehydration. 1
14 Monitor intake & output and specific gravity 1
15 Admission feeding (bottle or breast feeding) as soon as possible . offer water between feeding. 1
16 Turn lights off & un cover eyes at every feeding or bath to inspect sclera color. 1
17 Talk to &touch infant during nursing care. 1
18 Encourage parents to visit &participate in the infants care 1
19 If the mother is still hospitalized ,let her to breast feed her in the room of phototherapy . 1
20 Hold infant during feedings . 1
21 Keep parents informed of infant treatment & progress to decrease their fears . 1
22 Allow parents to express their feelings 1
23 conclusion 1
24 Mastering the procedure 1
25 self confidence 1
Total Score 25  


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