BURN in Children and Nursing Role

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Immediate care is required for all children who are burned.

Treatment and responsibility of the nurse:-


The purpose of treatment are:

1- To save life.

2- Toprevent him from infection.

3- To preserve and restore his appearance and functioning as near to normal as



1- Fluid and electrolyte imbalance must be corrected.

2- Infection is a problem and may delay the reabsorption of edema fluid in the burned


Immediate treatment:-

A- For first degree burn: cleaning the area and applying a thin layer of analgesic


B- For more severe burn the patient may require admission to hospital for treatment:

1- He should be put in a separate room.

2- Should be kept warm.

3- Crossmatch should be done to prepare for blood transfusion.

4- Oxygen should be given for anoxia.

5- Tetanus antitoxin is given if the patient has not been vaccinated. booster dose of tetanus toxoid may be given if the child had previous immunization.

6-Antibiotic should be given to control infection.

Nursing Role:

1- Should observe and record any indication of shock or evidence of toxicity or bleeding.

2- A retention catheter may be inserted into the bladder so the nurse can record to the physician if there is any fall in the urine out put since urine output is an indication for kidney function.

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