Bladder Cancer

Symptoms of Bladder Cancer

• Haematuria.

• Anaemia.

• UTI (sterile cystitis).

• Pain.

Clinical Features of Bladder Cancer



Histological Types of Bladder Cancer

1. Transitional Cell Ca. (most common).

2. Squamous Cell Ca.

3. Adenocarcinoma.

4. Seconderies.


Spread of bladder cancer

1. Direct to adjacent organs.

2. lymphatic spread.

3. Heamatogenic spread.

Staging of Bladder Cancer :



Investigations of Bladder Cancer

1. Urine cytology.

2. Ultrasound.

3. IV Urogram.

4. C .T./ MRI.

5. Urethrocystoscopy.

6. Bladder Biopsy.

Treatment of Bladder Cancer

1. TUR of Bladder tumor.

2. Intravesical Chemotherapy /Immunotherapy: (pTa, Cis,pT1).

3. Radical cystectomy with urinary diversion : (pT2,pT3a&b,pT4a&b).

4. Radiotherapy.

5. Chemotherapy.

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