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Definition:  is a nutritionally adequate hypertonic solution consisting of three primary macronutrients and some micronutrients that is called “mixed fuel source”. The 3 Macronutrients: 1.Carbohydrates – the primary source of energy in the body – 40 to 60% of daily

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Care of the Patient With a Neurological Disorder

Neurological Assessment History Headaches Loss of function Visual acuity Seizures Numbness Pain Personality change Mood swing Fatigue Mental Status Orientation Mood and behavior General knowledge Short term memory Long term memor Level of consciousness Glasgow Coma Scale Eye opening Verbal

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Analgesic narcotics

Article Objectives Outline the gate theory of pain and explain therapeutic ways to block pain using the gate theory. Describe the therapeutic actions, indications, pharmacokinetics, contraindications, most common adverse reactions, and important drug–drug interactions associated with narcotics . Discuss the

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Cardiovascular medications

  Types of cardiovascular drugs Positive inotropic drugs: increase the force of myocardial contraction Negative inotropic drugs: decrease the force of myocardial contraction Positive chronotropic drugs: increase heart rate by altering the rate of impulse formation at the SA node

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The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM).

  Psychiatric Stages Psychiatric interview • Per-orientation • Orientation • Working • Termination Mental Health Team • Psychiatric nurse • Psychiatric social worker • Psychiatrist • Psychologist • Psychiatric technician   Axis I: Clinical disorders, including major mental disorders, and

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