Administration of Intrathecal Antibiotics Nursing Protocol




Once all the equipment is opened put on the sterile gloves Reduce the risk of infection
Ensure the three way tap is closed off to the system

Wipe the red bung with cleansing solution

To prevent sampling of the residual CSF in the line

To prevent cross infection

Administer the prescribed antibiotics gently and slowly
Flush the system with approximately 2mls of Sterile 0.9 % Normal Saline
To ensure that the antibiotics does remain within the system
Turn the three- way tap so that the drain is turned off.
Document HOW LONG drain is to be switched off
To allow time for penetration of the antibiotics
To reduce the risk of drain being switched on inadvertently
Dispose of the sharps and syringes safely
Document that the drain is clamped/ turned off on the EVD output chart

Inform the named nurse looking after the patient that the drain is turned off

To ensure drain is not switched on or left switched off inadvertently.

To ensure communication is continued between nursing and medical staff.

Return the three-way stopcock to its original position once the agreed lapsed time has passed
Ensure that the drain is patent
A common error is not returning the stopcock to the original position

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