Acute Nasopharyngitis ( common cold ) And Nursing Intervention

Acute Nasopharyngitis ( common cold )

Acute Nasopharyngitis

This is the most common respiratory infection in infants and children. The nasal accessory sinuses and the nasopharynx are involved.

ETIOLOGY:- It is caused by a group of viruses causing an acute catarrhal inflammation of the upper respiratory tract. Bacteria are the cause of the purulent second stage, this may be pneumococus,streptococus,or staphylococus.

Clinical Manifestations:

The child is irritable,sneeze,nasal discharge which at first is thin and later on become purulent, sore throat, vomiting diarrhea,fever,anorexia cough, general malaise. In some infant obstruction of nostril may interfere with sucking.


Sinusitis,mastoiditis otitis media, brain abscess,tracheitis,bronchitis,pneumonia



Isolation ,nutrition, nasal congestion should be alleviated, nasal drop, antipyretic.

Antibiotic only for complication.

Responsibility of the nurse:

Rest, increase the amount of fluid intake, increase humidity, nasal drainage, nasal drop 15-20 minutes before feeding and at bedtime, prevention of excoriation of the lip by applying cold cream to the area.

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