Abused or battered child syndrome And Nursing Responsibilities

Abused or battered child
Abused or battered child syndrome
– The clinical findings are the result of injuries which may be due to burning,throwing,or knocking the child around or twisting his extremities. They include large bruises,scratches,burn,hematoma and fracture of long bones, ribs or skull. Poor skin hygiene and some degree of malnutrition are usually also evident in battered children.
The distinguishing feature of this condition include variation in stages of healing of several bone lesion as shown on X-ray film.
Is variable, the incidence of death is high among these children.
Damaged physical or emotional health and mental retardation is even greater among those who survive.
Treatment and responsibility of nurse :
Should provide preventive care for mothers who are predisposed to physical or emotional illness such as teen-age mother. The nurse can thus prevent the mother infant relation ship from becoming critical and can also notice early symptoms of child abuse.
The nurse should report all observation to the physician.

Prevention of recurrence:
An abused child may be temporarily placed in a foster home or in an institution. The role of the nurse there fore consist in case finding and reporting to the physician any indication of abuse which may be seen and caring for the child once he is admitted to the hospital. The nurse continue to help the child return to a state of health by giving him physical care and by meeting his developmental needs through sensory stimulation and education depending on his age.

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