POLIOMYELITIS Nursing Intervention and Care Plan


– Incubation period= 3-6 days.-Causative agent :enterovirus.
Method of spread: oral contamination by pharyngeal and intestinal secretion.
– Clinical manifestation:
1- Abortive polio :fever,sorethroat,headache,anorexia,vomiting,abdominal pain.
2- Non paralytic polio: same manifestation of abortive but more severe with pain and stiffness of neck, back and legs.
3- Paralytic polio: with signs of C.N.S paralysis.
Complications :
1- Permanent paralysis.
2- Respiratory arrest.
3- Hypertention.
Nursing care:
1- Complete bed rest.
2- Physiotherapy may be necessary.
3- Place the child on firm mattress with support for feet, change position frequently.
4- Moist heat application to decrease muscular pain.
5- Encourage oral intake of food and fluid.

6- Catheterization of distended bladder may be necessary.
7- Antibacterial prophylaxis may be ordered.
8- Good disposal of stool because it is infectious.
9- In bulbar polio therapy is directed at suctioning of pharynx, postural drainage,I.V fluid,tracheostomy,oxygen,respirator.
10-Prolong rehabilitation may be necessary including braces, splint or surgery.

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