APGAR Score For Neonate

APGAR Score For Neonate
H.R =Heart rate.
R.R =Respiratory rate.
M.T =Muscle tone.
– The Apgar scoring system provides a quick and accurate way of evaluating the
baby’s physical status right at birth.
Apgar scores range from 0-10
– A score of 10 means best possible condition.
– A score of 7-9 means good condition.
– A score of 4-6 means fair condition.
– A score of 0-3 means poor condition.
Apgar score should be done at 1minute, 5minute, 10minute.
– Preterm baby :-baby born after 24 week and before 37 week of gestation.
– Term baby:-baby born from 37-42 week of gestation.
– Post term baby:-baby born after 42 week of gestation.
– Abortion :- expulsion of the baby before 24 week of gestation.
– Low birth weight:-baby born less than 2.5 Kg.
– Normal range of birth weight 2.5-4 Kg(average 3-3.5 Kg).
Causes of low birth weight:
1- Prematurity.
2- Intrauterine growth retardation.

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